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  • Lift, plump and renew: Fights sagging and wrinkles from within by supporting skin’s natural elasticity and firmness*
  • Boosts collagen and elastin: Promotes production of skin’s structural ‘youth proteins’—elastin by over 250% and collagen by over 100%*
  • From the coast of France: Features Prolastin®, a revolutionary French elastin derived from clean, pure and concentrated marine protein peptides
  • Clinically effective dose: Delivers a potent 1,000 mg serving of clinically backed elastin shown to support supple, younger-looking skin*
  • High absorption: An advanced enzymatic hydrolysis process ensures superior absorption and bioavailability for optimal benefits*
  • Proudly made in the USA 🇺🇸

More Information 

  • Physiologically important to provide skin resilience*
  • 1000 mg of pure elastin peptides
  • Protects against elastic fibers degeneration*
  • Combats signs of aging*
  • Promotes skin cellular function and response*
  • Advanced peptides are highly bio-available, helping elastin reach the skin’s structural level*


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Customer Reviews

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Stacie Williams-McFarlin


Sherry P

Have been taking this for a little over a week, not noticing anything yet.., maybe I'll up the dosage

I’ve noticed an improvement

I purchased this after doing research on elastin and it’s role in the body. After a very positive experience with 2 capsules a day, I have doubled my usage to 2 x 2 times/day. I know it’s working for my own internal issues, so I am going to say it works for my skin. I already take other supplements that promote collagen and hylauronic acid levels. I still see improvements on top of using these 2 supplements.

Diana Pouncy
I haven’t tried it yet

The capsules are big


I love this product, noticeable difference in my skin! Will definitely be ordering from now on. I insist that others try it, more than worth the price.

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